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Related article: l8l had ever seen — nay, the world itself — rather than draw down the hunt upon himself at such a juncture. Minutes that seemed hours went by, and the vision of the fox had almost faded from his memory, when a hound opened in the wood. It was a doubtful note, and was not repeated, wherefore Antony hoped it had not been heard, but he waited anxiously. Presently the hound appeared on the bank, then an- other and another, till some half- dozen followed him into the Coupon Claritin lane. Slowly but surely they brought the line to the spot where the fox had turned, took it up the bank and on to the grass beyond Order Claritin — where they swept across the field with a cry that might be heard a mile away. " Oh ! here you are ! I want you to tell me the English of honorificabil . . ." Lady Cleopatra had found her Claritin D lost lion, and apparently perfectly unconscious that the hounds Coupon For Claritin had found and gone away, was quietly resuming the chosen topic ; but a deep groan stopped her in the very middle of the anagram. For the first time she noticed his pallor and his disordered apparel. " Oh ! what has happened ? " she cried in her alarm. "Are you ill ? Oh I Antony, are you dying ? " "Yes; dying, Egypt, dying ! " came the agonising reply, for even in extremis the ruling passion re- mained Claritin 24 strong. The unhappy lady, taking his reply all too literally, screamed for help, and at the same instant the Whip came screaming Coupons For Claritin down the lane. " Help ! help ! " screamed she. " For'ardaway ! For'ardaway ! " screeched he, and clearing the fence, sped screeching after the vanished hounds. Lady Cleopatra wrung her hands; Antony looked this way and that, but escape was no longer possible. Up the lane, down the lane, into the lane from every direction came the horse- men, while Lady Cleopatra im- plored each one as he came up to fetch Buy Claritin Online the doctor, for Mr. Fitz- bower was dying. All in vain Antony persisted he never felt better in his life ; his looks alone had betrayed him. 11 What—a fall ? Is he badly hurt ? " Claritin Coupon asked each horseman as he pulled up, and the cry " the doctor, where's the doctor ? " went from mouth to mouth. The doctor at length arrived, Claritin Coupons and, leaping from Order Claritin Online his horse, seized his patient's unwilling wrist and took out his watch. Even the horses stopped champing their bits and seemed to be listening to the tick of the chronometer. " Angina pectoris," someone whispered, and the whisper grew into a sympathetic murmur "poor fellow, Angina pectoris ! " Then all at once arose the shrill treble of Master Hanwell, " I know what it is. He drank my cod - liver - oil instead of char- treuse Claritin Buy ! " Mr. A. Fitzbower is now acting in the provinces under an assumed name, waiting till the cod-liver- oil story is forgotten. F. M. Lutyens. 182 [March The Colour of Horses. " A good horse cannot be a bad colour/' is a saying that is as old Buy Cheap Claritin as it is illogical. Many a man has by some chance become the owner of a horse of the colour for which he perhaps had least pre- dilection, but the excellence of that animal has caused him to take a fancy to the colour and this has led him to buy as many others as he could of this very shade. It is probably due to this that families have adopted a cer- tain colour, at any rate for Buy Claritin their carriage horses, till it Cheap Claritin has become historical. Suffice to instance the white horses of Hanover. Now- adays the Lonsdale chesnuts are perhaps the best known ; but nearly every coaching man has his particular colour, from which he would Coupons Claritin on no account deviate. The matching of horses by colour has always been con- sidered an improvement, whether in an artillery team or in a troop of cavalry. And just as one oc- casionally sees dne piebald or grey in a coach team as a counter- foil to the other colours, so the piebald or grey drum-horse or trumpeter's horse sets off the rest of the Claritin 10 troop. In the old days of coaching the acme of style was to have an extraordi- narily Zyrtec Claritin fast trotter of an odd colour, who would still trot when the rest of the team were gallop- ing and so save a fine for " Claritin 10mg furious driving." No race have paid more atten- tion to the niceties of colour than the Arabian, and the colour most esteemed by them is black, with a star on the forehead and white spots on the feet. Next in order tfiey prefer the dark chesnut. After these all colours are con- sidered on an equal footing, with the exception of the piebald. What Is Claritin They say of the piebald, " Flee him like the pestilence, for he is own brother to the cow." The chesnut is, according to the prophet, the swiftest : but the same authority abhorred a horse that had white on all four legs. We all know the couplet — " Three white legs, give him to your man, Four Claritin 10 Mg white legs, sell him if you can." The Arabs consider the dun, if dark with black points and black mane and tail, a thoroughly good and serviceable colour, whilst they dislike a cream with white mane and tail. In connection with this it is interesting to notice, that in a recent debate on the question of Horse-breeding in Ireland, special commendation was given by Lord Howth to the old Irish dun breed with the black back-stripe. In the west of Ireland, this is very generally known as the Achill breed, because all the ponies bred on that island are dun -coloured. I have known a great many polo ponies and hunters of this colour, and they were all good, remarkably hardy and very intelligent. Many people must have made